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Agricultural Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Delivery

Diesel Fuels

Lindell Fuels Inc. can deliver ultra-low sulfur diesel for your commercial business needs, for your residential generator, or for any other uses you may need.  We offer both delivery service and on-site pump services with commercial accounts.  If you operate a farm or construction company that uses heavy equipment, Lindell Fuels’ commercial division is the premier choice in greater Canaan and Northwest Connecticut, including towns like Norfolk, Colebrook, Sharon, and Salisbury.


24-Hour Fuel Depot

Our commercial fuels department gives customers access to our million-plus gallon fuel storage depot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your business operates efficiently, without fuel shortages.  If you operate a small business, access to fuel is extremely important.  Our clients are used to having fuel in their machines and equipment when they need it.  We make this possible by delivering fuel or granting you access to our fuel pumps.


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