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Safe, Reliable Propane Delivery

Lindell Fuels is the leading propane provider from Norfolk to Salisbury, into towns in southwest Massachusetts like Sheffield and Great Barrington, and into western Colombia County, New York like Amenia and Pine Plains.   Our North Canaan, Connecticut office gives us a large geographic delivery area spanning three different states.  We’re licensed and insured to deliver the highest quality fuels year round, at competitive prices.

We have ample supply to power your home or small business, no matter the use.

Why Propane?

  • Clean
  • Affordable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Diverse
  • Much more…

Types of Systems

Propane is one of the most diverse fuels we have today.  It can be used to create electricity for whole-home generators, to create heat for whole-home heating systems, or be used for refrigeration.   Additionally, smaller appliances we use everyday run on propane, like dryers, water heaters, and cooktops and grills.  Think you want to make the switch?  Call Lindell Fuels, Inc. today at 860.824.5444

What is Propane

Propane — sometimes known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG — is a gas normally compressed and stored as a liquid. It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless; an identifying odor is added so it can be detected. When used as vehicle fuel, propane is known as propane autogas. Propane is most commonly used for space and water heating, for cooking, and as fuel for engine applications such as forklifts, mowers, generators, and irrigation engines. However, its applications are rapidly growing due to new technology developments.

Common Uses for Propane in Canaan, CT

Propane in Northwest Connecticut is often used as a primary heating source, as well as for cooking like stovetops and outdoor grill centers, for backup power systems, heating your pool, and much more.