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Standard 10-Point Heating System Tune-Up

Increased Air Quality

When you have a heating system that moves air throughout your house, it’s important to have your system tuned-up annually which includes replacing the filters.  Additionally, we check your furnace for any potential airflow problems and make sure your venting system is working properly.


Increased Efficiency

By having annual maintenance performed on your boiler, furnace or other system you’re saving money because your system operates more efficiently than if it isn’t maintained.  Your heat exchanger passes heat to the air in your furnace or water in your steam or hydronic boiler much more efficiently, meaning you get more out of the fuel you burn.


Protecting Your Investment

Annual maintenance is an important part of maximizing the lifespan of your heating system.  Not only are you extending the useful life of your system, but you’re also protecting yourself from potential breakdowns.  A home or business without heat in our New England winter can be costly.  Schedule your maintenance to head off many of those typical no-heat situations people often encounter!