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Comprehensive A/C Services in greater Canaan, Connecticut

Lindell Fuels is a fully-licensed A/C Service contractor, ready to install nearly any type of air conditioning system you, your house, and or business might need.  For over 50 years our family has been installing and providing A/C Services in Canaan, Connecticut and surrounding areas. including Kent, Norfolk, Salisbury and Sharon.  In more recent years we’ve expanded our A/C service zones into Sheffield and Great Barrington Massachusetts.

Today’s Air Conditioning options are extensive.  What was once just a window fan evolved into window units.  Now, we offer fully ducted systems, sometimes referred to as Central Air Conditioning.  Additionally, we install hundreds of Ductless Air Conditioning units from our Canaan office location.  Our preferred partners like Fujistsu, Trane and American Standard make us the best in the business. 

To Learn more about our Air Conditioning Services, contact us today at 860.824.5444

Air Conditioning Installations

We install all types of air conditioning systems, including central air and ductless mini split systems.  Learn more how to keep cool this summer while filtering air particulates with us. 

Annual A/C Maintenance

Air Conditioning systems need routine maintenance for optimal efficiency.  Also, preventative a/c tune-ups help prevent your system from breaking down when you need it most.

A/C System Repair and Service

Occasionally your air conditioning system needs unplanned repair work.  We work on nearly all types of systems and have the resources to get your system up and running.

Air Conditioning Duct Work

 No job is the same.  We work with our customers and contractors to design and install the most efficient, aestheticly pleasing air duct runs possible.  Contact us today.